Saturday, April 7, 2012

I Stand Amused

Today I read the story of the information that was given to the 1940 Census by the occupants of 8777 Lookout Mountain, Laurel Canyon, California. The home at the time of Robert A. Heinlein family. The Heinleins always liked their privacy and even the 1940 U.S. Census did not penetrate it. The woman who answered the door gave her name as Sigred Heinlein, her husband as Richard and their son, Rory. She claimed they were both born in Germany, while their four year old son was born in California. Richard worked as an artist in the motion picture business.

I can't help but imagine how pleased R.A.H. would be if he knew we had discovered this small attempt of a prank at the governments expense. The Heinlein record is in E.D. 60-173. Good luck searching for it. I'm going to take this story at face value and then go back and read He Built a Crooked House for the eighth or ninth time.


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