Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I Escape

This is a non-technical Feynman diagram explaining how to escape from a black hole, according to Ian Stewart's Flatterland (ISBN 0-333-78312-3).

  1. You are outside the black hole.
  2. You have fallen into the black hole. A future version of yourself (4) appears and gives you a portable white hole. You use the portable white hole to escape the black hole.
  3. Another future version of yourself (6) appears and gives you a time machine.
  4. You go back into the black hole and give the past version of yourself (2) the portable white hole.
  5. You use the time machine to go far enough into the future (i.e. millions of years) that the black hole has evaporated due to Hawking radiation.
  6. You then travel back in time and give the past version of yourself (3) the time machine.
  7. You are now outside of the black hole. Easy, Breezy.


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