Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I Ponder

I watched an interesting show recently that focused on Puma Punku in Bolivia. For those of you unfamiliar with the site, here is a link to a wiki entry that will tell you more than you probably want to know. Not me. I find this kind of stuff
fascinating.  I'll take Weird Archaeological Sites for $600, Alex.

Puma Punku is a large stone monument-like complex of undetermined age where the stones appear to be very finely cut in near perfect geometric angles. Some people feel that the complex could not have been constructed in ages past with the simple stone tools available at the time. The shapes of the stone are amazing. The circular holes drilled into the stones are mystifying. I don't think you could do those stones justice with any Black and Decker tools that I'm aware of. The show did some experimenting and found that the cuts came closest to resembling a diamond cut saw.

The television show blamed those pesky old aliens. Yep, your friendly neighborhood extraterrestrials did it. Those little guys and their flying saucers landed, built exotic blocks of stone, used anti-gravity to move them into place, but not in any understandable pattern and then soared back to whatever star they originally came from. Sure, makes sense to me. The kind of mind numbing sense where these same folks, during a different show tried to convince me that Bigfoot is an alien too. I know better. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and know the big fella is home grown, through and through. We've met. We've talked. We exchange Hanukkah cards.

My immediately thoughts upon watching the show was to wonder what a wonderful location Puma Punku would be for us to learn more about our friends the Amser. My guess is they had a lot more to do with the creation of Puma Punku than extraterrestrials did. What do you think? You read up on the location. I'll get to work on my part.


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