Friday, July 27, 2012

I Graphic

I have a new cover graphic at the Amber Gifts web site and also over at the FaceBook page. My champion graphic designer, world class blogger, award winning and best selling erotic romance author, Samantha Lucas did the heavy lifting and creating for me. Thank you so much. You should check out her books. You won't be disappointed.

The banner is just some really minor changes, but it brings everything together in the way I want to present the series. I think familiarity and consistency are going to be important, so this change was important to me. I have the one story in the pipeline to be published and two stories I need to prep and submit. Champagne Books gets first dibs and I hope they accept them. They seem to be a great community of authors and editors. I really like them. I'll need to have a Plan B, just in case I get rejected.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I Rant

For the three or so people, planet-wide who have ever read this blog, you may notice a new icon for Wordpress. It's over there, on the left, in the bottom of that pile of icons. During an interview for a job in the Mundane World I was asked about my expertise with the program. I'd heard of it but had never really played with the site. I fumble and turned the question around and did all the usual interview tricks that a person does when presented with an obvious, "Uh Nothing" answer. Needless to say I didn't get the job. I did however decide to explore the program and the site. (Fool me once...) Hence I now have a WordPress site.

It's called Amber Rants. It took a while to decide how to use it most effectively. I saw no point in writing here, then copy and pasting to Facebook, then copy and pasting to Google Plus, rinse, repeat, copy and pasting to WordPress. Then came the epiphany. Blame the NBC Today show, but I found my mission for the site. If you want more about that, go, read. I don't need to repeat myself.

Now I can talk all Author, Writer, Publisher stuff here and when I get all fired up about something outside of those boundries I have a place where I might not always be politically correct or use all the best language. Who knows. Someone might eventually read that blog too. Wouldn't that be nice?

Thanks for reading.